Del Tin's Unified Model of Music

Music therapy should be intended, by definition, as the use of waves to achieve a physical and/or spiritual healing. Its effects should be measurable, repetible, effective, and constant.
Any form of wave in the electromagnetic spectrum can be employed, from LF (low frequency) to gamma rays. A wave can be focused onto a target by contact (electrodes, transducer, antennas, etc.) or non contact devices (antennas, coils, plasma lamps, lasers, etc.).
Del Tin's Unified Model is so called because it extends the concept of music to any frequency.
Depending on the examined frequency band, waves take on different properties. The biggest leap is when transitioning from non ionizing radiation to ionizing one - i.e. radiation that is capable of disrupting electron bonds and split molecules. If we examine the band spanning from microwaves to VIS/UV (visible/ultraviolet) frequencies, we can see the effect of frequencies being made of rotational, vibrational, and electronic transitions.
Frequency Effect
The lower frequencies, from LF to microwaves only cause rotational transitions. This is actually when we heat a food in a microwave. The water molecules are set on rotation because of their resonance in the microwave region.
Infrared and far infrared not only cause rotation, but also vibration. We can see this in resistive heaters. They do not heat the air, but they transfer the rotation and vibration directly to our cells. That way, we perceive heat, despite the room may be cold. This is always based on resonance.
Starting with the ultraviolet, we have electronic transitions. In plasma, electrons jump to higher orbitals and, when they fall back to their initial place, they release quanta of light. Almost every molecule has some resonance peaks in the ultraviolet. When those are hit, and some electrons jump to higher orbitals, the structure of the molecule is severed. At this point, it can either break or its atoms might recombine, forming other compounds.
The higher the frequency is and the higher its energy level will be. This energy can be exploited, according to our needs.
There is a need for a Unified Model of Music, as the people working with frequencies other than the audible ones have no music training and know nothing about harmonics and the big picture of the Universe. Only by unifying many related fields of knowledge further progress will be possible and physics will be better understood.
It will become evident that certain technologies cannot be reserved to lobbies and groups, but must be made widely available for the benefit of humanity. At the end, we live in a musical Universe, entirely based on waves.
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