In the beginning...

If you do not have something really important to say, do not break silence!
In the beginning... - every story begins with these words. We are no different and we need to establish the primacy of music over every other science. Therefore, we will run a mental exercise, which will show us the root of music. Incidentally, that which we are going to say perfectly coincides with the account of Genesis.
In the beginning there was simply a nothingness. Here, instead of saying that there was nothing, we are saying that there was something - i.e. a nothingness. This notion is very subtle.
to be
not to be
Both sentences "to be" and "not to be" share something: To be. "Not to be" is simply the negation of "to be". It does not subtract, as we would expect from a nothingness. Instead, it adds the word "not". Therefore, our initial nothingness is not a vaccum. It is a sort of formless mix of everything. We could picture the first universe as a soup. This soup is made of carrots, potatoes, beans, and many other ingredients. However, they are all chopped and indistinguishable one from another.
To be exact, we should say that every ingredient is there in power and it has not yet become manifested, or in action. The primordial soup can also be thought as an infinite expanse of sea. In some era, this was also called "ether", or quintessence. The quintessence is something that cannot exist by itself. It is the outcome and integration of all the four elements, fused and operating together as one and possessing the qualities of every single element at the same time.
This sea can also be pictured as our own still mind. It is awake, but it refrains from thinking. Therefore it restrains all its thoughts. But all the thoughts are there, only waiting for the command to be unleashed like furious horses at the starting ring. Therefore, the "to be" is in the "not to be", just waiting to become manifested. "To be" subtracts "not" from "not to be" and becomes "to be". It may seem hard to thing that subtracting nothingness from nothingness becomes something, but this is how it works: 01 - 0 = 1.
As we are talking about the primordial soup, we are also picturing "God's mind", before He thinks the Creation (His thought) into existence. We are taking some similitudes to better grasp the concept.
So, let us start with our still expanse of the sea of our mind. The primordial sea is not completely still. It is in a state of motion-non motion. Something moves on one side, creating a point of concentration, and something else comes at once to re-establish the delicate equilibrium of stillness. This is like a convective motion, thoughts that come and go - linear thoughts that cannot subsist and are like the first attempts of God to create the worlds, resulting in the unbalanced worlds of Edom, later destroyed. We can imagine that potatoes tend to aggregate and move toward one side, but the rest of the soup comes to re-establish the previous condition and disperses the potatoes.
Now, something again pours into this nothingness, but this time it produces circular rings - i.e. ripples, recurring thoughts that continue to feed themselves and therefore subsist, unlike linear thoughts.
Ripples are made of contraptions and expansions. Therefore, they cause the "to be" to differentiate from the "not to be", actually causing existence - i.e. Creation, the first thought, the Big Bang. In the primordial soup, the water and the lighter things separate and float on top. The heavier things start showing what they are. The mind/Creator becomes conscious that he has thought a thought (the sea is always a sort of mirror).
Here, we already have the first concept of a sound wave. The ripples propagate at a certain pace, behaving exactly as sound waves. The sound subsists until its waves subsist.
The image above only shows the concentric rings. However, in reality an intricate net of turbolences forms between each couple of rings. We can see this in the image below.
Counter-ripples also form, trying to break the main ripples apart, but achieving only the further development of turbolences. A pattern of turbolences can be seen in the image below.
What happens is that "thought calls for thought". Therefore, an important thought (main ripple) is made of many other thoughts that contribute to its manifestation.
Concerning the thought of Creation, if we take a single sequence of turbolence at a certain instant, we have a certain DNA - a person, an animal, a grass, a thought in a man's mind, anything that exists. If we mimic that sequence through sounds - i.e. we have music - we can represent anything that exists, resonating with it.
Everything that exists contributes to the general harmony of the universe at a certain time, the harmony being the overall propagating wave.
Going back to our exercise, our mind now thinks and then brainstorms. The primordial sea became living. The Bible describes the Creation thus: "And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters" (Genesis 1:1) - the ripples being the Holy Creatures and also the human souls. The spirit is just the exhalation of God's breath. When the breath comes out of God's lips, it takes the shape of His voice - i.e. word, sound, music. - "By the word of the Lord were the heavens made" (Psalm 33:6): Every "sequence" from His voice exists at once, as God speaks the world into existence. This implies that sound somehow solidifies and creates matter. We can say, in another way, that Eternity/Nothingness speaks the finite and mortal universe into existence. And everything that exists is supported by means of those concentric circles, vortices, ripples, waves, etc.
At this point, knowing that sound is the means through which the Creation took place, we established the primacy of music over every other science.
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